Thoughts on the Evaluation Standard of Laser Drilling Machine Technology

(1) the laser drilling machine processing request


Through-hole aperture range and mass, blind hole aperture range and quality, the determination of these processing requirements determines the evaluation criteria of the equipment and what solutions the system integrators provide in order to achieve the best price/performance ratio required by customers.


1. Equipment with large through holes;

2, the device based on small through holes; it can easily make small through holes

3. Equipment with large blind holes; it can process large blind holes and relatively efficiently punch through holes

4. Equipment with small blind holes as the main device; it can efficiently drill small blind holes, and can play large blind holes and through holes relatively efficiently.


The above criteria for "large" and "small" apertures are "large" with a diameter of 75 microns and above, and "small" with a diameter of 50 microns or less.


The difficulty of the above equipment requirements increases in turn, gradually showing the capabilities of equipment system integrators. Among them, the equipment mainly based on large through holes has basically no technical content and the equipment value is not high.


(2)the difficulty of laser drilling machine technology


What are the technical difficulties of the HDI laser drilling machine? Why are so many companies smashed here?


1, laser light source and its control


The US ESI company applied for a series of laser source patents for drilling machines in China. It can be seen that the importance of laser sources directly affects product quality and yield.


2, galvanometer scanning control

The through hole with a diameter of 25 microns is cut out, and the 25 micron blind hole is also very crisp. Other brands of laser circuit board drilling equipment galvanometer control technology can not reach this height. . The galvanometer control technique determines the hole shape stability of the borehole.


3. Comprehensive time saving of galvanometer scanning and platform motion


Platform motion takes time, so platform motion and galvanometer motion need to be paralleled, which saves processing time.


However, not platform motion does not take up time. The experiment is as follows: 10,000 array micropores are processed in the scanning web, and the time T1 is recorded; 10,000 micropores are evenly placed in 250 mm*300 mm, the platform and the galvanometer move simultaneously, and the time T2 is recorded; T2-T1 is the time it takes for the platform to move, that is, no matter which brand equipment, the platform movement takes extra time.

Thoughts on the Evaluation Standard of Laser Drilling Machine Technology