Usage of Pad and Via

Conductive hole : via

Keyhole: pad

Several problems that are particularly prone to occur:

a) pad and via are mixed, causing problems

 1) When your file is a pad or protel, send it to the factory and ask for the hole to cover the oil. Please pay attention to it. You should check carefully if your plug hole is also useful for via, otherwise your The plug hole will also be covered with green oil, which will not be able to weld the dispute point: the plug hole must be sprayed on the top, how do you cover the oil, how do I use it, please check the file when you say this, use Is the pad design or via design!

2) When your file is a pad or protel, send the file to the factory. The order is required to be a via cover oil. Many customers use a pad (plug hole) to indicate the conductive hole, which causes your conductive hole to open. Maybe what you want is the over-hole cover oil. At that time, you may be arguing. I want the conductive hole cover oil. Why do you open the window? Please check your file design!

b) via in the conversion process, because the design is not standard or you are not clear about the conversion gerber setting rules, resulting in problems

3) When you send a gerber file, the factory manufacturer can't distinguish those that are through holes. Those that are keyholes, the only thing that can be identified is the processing by file. That helps the solder layer to open the window! Dispute point: I want the hole to cover the oil, you open the window for me now, I may cause a short circuit, then please check your file, your gerber is the film file, the factory has no way to check that you are conductive Hole is still a keyhole, please check the gerber file, is there a solder layer, if you open the window, if not, then cover the oil

Three: How to design a perforated cover oil in protel or pads! ------ This is the most standard practice, if the design standards, then it will not go wrong!

In the protel, there is a tenting option in the via attribute. If it is ticked, it must be covered with oil. Then you are all over the oil.

 In the pads, the pad to file is to pass the via method:

When outputting the solder mask, that is, the solder mask, just check the upper mask mask top ---- vias below, which means that all vias open the window, unchecked the via cover oil

in conclusion:

Pad by pad, this is the plug-in hole, via you have two options, if you provide the original file, let you choose when ordering, if you provide gerber file, be sure to

Please check if the gerber file meets your requirements!