What documents are needed for PCB production?

PCB production requires a source file with a suffix of .PCB or gerber files. Most engineers are used to sending PCB files directly to the PCB factory for production after the PCB file is designed.

Why are you so troublesome? Because electronics engineers and PCB engineers have different views on PCBs, the gerber files from the PCB factory may not be what you want because you will define the component design of the components in the PCB file. You don't want these parameters to be displayed on the PCB product. You are not, the PCB factory puts all these parameters on the hoist hoist ladle on the PCB.

This is just an example. This can be avoided if the PCB file is converted to a gerber file.

PCB sample production is best provided with gerber files. The Gerber format is a collection of circuit board industry software description boards (line layers, solder layers, character layers, etc.) for image and drilling, milling data file formats. It is the industry standard image conversion of the PCB's standard format.

. How to generate PCB in DRB file

. The BRD file itself cannot generate a PCB and needs to be converted. After converting to gerber files, PCB factories can make them, including wire layers, solder layers, character layers, contour layers, and drill layers.