What equipment is needed for PCB production

In the PCB production process, the following production equipment is required:

1. Engineering production---photo plotter, film exposure machine

2, cutting material --- cutting machine, oven

3, film-browning production line, laminating machine, grinding machine

4, drilling - CNC drilling machine

5, grinding disc---grinding machine

6, metallized hole (PTH) - chemical copper production line (sink copper line)

7, graphics transfer - film machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

8, graphic plating - plating production line

9, faded (wet) film - faded film production line

10, graphic etching----etching production line

11, solder mask production --- screen printer, UV exposure machine or LDI

12, baking curing - oven, tunnel furnace

13. Surface treatment --- OSP production line or chemical nickel wire, chemical nickel palladium wire

14. Forming---punching machine or CNC boring machine, cutting machine

15, test - electric measuring machine, AOI, 3DAOI.

A good PCB board has a lot to do with PCB production equipment, especially for some difficult-to-machine boards, and the requirements for equipment are even higher.