What is the difference between a immersion gold board and a gold plating board

1 Immersion gold uses a chemical reaction method to form a coating layer, which is generally thick, and is a kind of chemical nickel gold layer deposition method, which can reach a thick gold layer.

2 Gold plating uses the principle of electrolysis through current, also called electroplating.


In practical product applications, 95% of the gold plate is immersion gold board, because the poor weldability of the gold plating board is its fatal flaw!

What are the benefits of immersion gold board:

(1) The immersion gold board’s gold is much thicker than gold plating. The immersion gold will be golden yellow. Compared with gold plating, it will be yellower, and the gold plating will be slightly white (nickel color).

(2) Immersion gold is easier to weld than gold plating, and will not cause poor welding. For bonded products, it is more conducive to bonding processing

(3) The immersion gold plate only has gold on the pad, and there is no immersion gold under the solder resist oil. The solid board distinguishing process can wipe off the soldering oil to see whether it is copper or gold, and the copper side is gold.

(4) The immersion gold plate only has gold on the pad, so the soldering on the line is more firmly combined with the copper layer. The project does not affect the spacing when making compensation.

(5) Compared with gold plating, immersion gold has a denser crystal structure, is less prone to oxidation, and has a better flatness.