What is the reason for disconnecting the PCB

The pcb manufacturer in the production process may cause a disconnection (open circuit).

PCB board production is a cumbersome process that requires multiple processes to make a complete PCB board. If the production of some processes is wrong, it will lead to the production of PCB products that do not meet the requirements. For example, the common PCB board disconnection problem will directly affect the function realization of the pcb board. So what is the reason for the PCB board disconnected? The following small series will introduce you in detail.

The main reasons for PCB disconnection are as follows:

PCB disconnection

1, the filming process: the film is not old, there are bubbles, if it is wet film and garbage pollution.

2, the exposure process: the film caused by scratches or garbage problems, including exposure machine problems, local exposure and so on.

3. Development process: Development is not clear and vague.

4. Etching process: the nozzle pressure is too large and the etching time is too long.

5, electroplating problem: uneven plating during electroplating or surface adsorption.

6. Improper operation: During the process of making the circuit board, the circuit board is scratched due to improper operation.

Analysis of the reason for the PCB board disconnection First, look at the form of the dotted line. Through the form of dotted lines, the board breakage during the manufacturing process is carefully analyzed, and then progress is gradually made in the production process. Possible troubleshooting