What should be followed by FPC soft board cooling?

General FPC flexible circuit boards can be divided into structures according to the requirements of industrial production: single-panel, double-panel, multi-layer board, soft and hard board and special technology board. Then, when applying, what principles should be followed for the heat dissipation of flexible circuit boards.


1. In the direction of air flow, components that are sensitive to heat should be distributed in the "upstream" position.

2. The components that are separated from the heat are dispersed, so that the heat per unit area is small.

3. Place the heat source as close as possible to the cooling surface.

4. In the case of forced air convection, the higher components should be distributed downstream of the heat source.

5. In the case of forced air convection, the downstream high components should be at a certain distance from the heat source.

6. In the case of forced air convection, the elements of high elongate shape should follow the direction of air flow.