Why is the circuit board always winding

I don't know if you noticed a strange problem, the circuit board circuit is always winding. We know from math that a straight line between two points is the shortest. So why are circuit boards designed to be curved? Can't it just be straight?

PCB board

First we need to recognize the concept that it is not the shorter the better, not the more direct the better. For circuit boards, stability is the first priority.


At the same time, the signal integrity must be maintained before the chip can work properly. For example, DDR memory stick belongs to high speed PCB, and the eye chart should be opened during data communication. If not in accordance with the wiring rules, the data will be directly wrong, and even the machine cannot be opened in serious cases. On the green circuit board, there are different chipsets, large and small, with different frequencies. During the operation of the machine, the coordination between the components is required, and the parts that can be connected very short are forced to be stretched, so that the interface synchronization signals can be put on the upper position. Seemingly chaotic, each line is carefully planned and has a lot to do with clock frequency and even hardware.

pcb panel

Why is the circuit board always winding? It boils down to three points:

consideration of the size of electronic products. If the circuit board is designed in a straight line, the area of the circuit board will increase by several times. In this era of the pursuit of small, the area of the circuit board is naturally the smaller the better, or it will directly affect the area of electronic products. The current demand for electronic products is that they should be smaller and thinner except for the larger screen.

Avoid material waste and quality problems. In a circuit board, the circuit must turn. If we design the circuit board in a straight line, then this turn Angle is 90 degrees. Because the circuit is easily reflected when the circuit is turned at 90 degrees, the circuit board can be easily broken during production. In this way, not only the material waste, even if the successful manufacture of circuit boards, but also easy to produce quality problems.

 Ensure signal integrity. A circuit board is distributed with different parts, various power sources, various capacitors, resistances, etc. When each part is combined together, there will be interference with each other, so the design must take this into account. With this kind of curving wiring, the signal delay difference between the parts will be kept within a range, so as not to cause reading confusion. A bad wiring, can make the performance of the product drops, affect the success rate of the product even sometimes, do not look so is a small wiring, the content of it is a lot.


So, don't look at the circuit board on the circuit is always winding and it can be  understood by ordinary people, but in fact there is a great wisdom!