Working level

Circuit board including many types of work, such as signal layer, protective layer, layer, layer, level

Briefly described below: soldering iron is electronic and electrical repairs of the main tools, mainly used welding machine components and wires, classified according to the structure and internal heat type electric soldering iron and heat-type electric soldering iron, classified according to the function of welding with a soldering iron and desoldering iron, depending on the use, high-power soldering iron-making and low-power soldering iron. Hot type soldering irons are small, and the price is cheap.

⑴ signal layer: mainly used to place components or wiring. Protel DXP usually contain 30 middle-tier, Mid Layer1~Mid Layer30, middle-tier arrangement of signal lines, top and bottom to place the components or the deposited copper.

B protective layer: mainly used to ensure that the Board does not require where Tin Tin, thus ensuring the reliability of circuit boards. Top Bottom top Solder Paste respectively and Paste layer and bottom solder mask layers; Top and Bottom Solder Solder top, respectively paste layer and the protective layer of solder paste at the bottom.

C print layer: mainly used in the circuit board components on the printed serial number, production number, company name, and so on.

D internal layer: mainly used as signal wiring layer, Protel DXP within the CPC contains 16 floors.

⑸ other: includes 4 types of layers.

Drill Guide (azimuth): mainly used in printed circuit board drilling locations.

Keep-Out Layer (prohibited wiring layer): mainly used for the electrical circuit board border.

Drill Drawing (drill drawing layer): mainly used for drilling.

Multi-Layer (multi-): mainly used for setting up multiple layers.