2019 International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition Scale Reached A New High!

Increased exhibition area in the world's leading circuit board and electronics assembly industry


Many new exhibitors made their debut and joined the ranks of market leaders and innovators


The 2019 International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition will be held from December 4th to 6th, 2019, formerly known as the International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly South China Exhibition. In addition to the pavilions 1, 2 and 4 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, this year's show also added a new pavilion in Hall-9 and part 3 of the pavilion. The exhibition covers an area of over 67,500 square meters, close to 3,500 booths, and the scale has reached a new high, making it the largest exhibition ever.


The new Hall 9 will bring more suppliers from circuit board equipment to showcase more and more innovative equipment and technology for visitors. These include Mude, Taiwan Port Construction, Lukang, Mai Chuang Li, Hao Shuo, Ling Chuang, Otto Ke, Guang Yun Da, Ou Xi Xi, Tian Hao, Taiwan Yu Ze, Hua Heng, Enge, Ke Yi, Jia Li Fu More than 100 exhibitors, such as Hong Kong Shida, Shengxiong and Mengxing, will be unveiled in Hall 9.


Cater to the market's rich display content, covering the entire industry chain


It is predicted that from 2018 to 2025, the global 5G market will develop rapidly, which will strengthen the connection application of a series of intelligent technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and autonomous vehicles, for the circuit board industry. Create many business opportunities. As one of the most influential and representative circuit board and electronic assembly industry exhibitions in the world, the exhibition exhibits cover all aspects of the industry's entire industry chain, and is the best trade for the industry to explore the latest technology and develop business. platform.


Among the nearly 600 exhibitors this year, 112 are new exhibitors for the first time, from mainland China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Sweden and Germany, including Lauffer. , Leica, Seven Seas, Disheng, Maslan, Tengtong, Beyond, Zhiwei, Topography Kunguang, Xircom, Traco World, Xingshan, Enpas, V Technology, Asahi Electric, Baling, Flex, etc. Well-known brands and new companies.


International technical conference invited authoritative experts to share hot topics in the industry


As one of the highlights of the show, the three-day international technology conference will invite industry experts to share their insights on the latest industry trends and innovative technologies. This year, Mr. Liu Zhe, the chief engineer of ZTE's process technology research, was invited to give a special speech to share the challenges and demands brought by 5G high frequency to PCB. In addition, other heavyweight speakers include Dr. Hayao Nakahara, President of N.T. Information, Dr. Jiang Xugao, Partner of Prismark, and Mr. Lin Dingqi, Senior Director of the Technology Development Center of Jingshuo Technology Co., Ltd.


The pre-registration system for visitors has been launched, and multiple benefits are registered before the show*


The personal and team pre-registration system is open, and you can enjoy multiple exclusive benefits when you register immediately: enjoy fast admissions and free access to Shenzhen Metro/Bus coupons, and the venue will have a chance to win rich electronic gifts. If the same company has more than 4 teams registered, the head of the team can get an extra gift. The group of enterprises in Guangdong Province can reach 30 or more people and enjoy free bus transportation.


This year's exhibition is the largest in history. As a pilot business event for the circuit board and electronics assembly industry, it will showcase innovative equipment, innovative technologies and solutions covering the entire industry chain, helping the industry to purchase products and explore business opportunities. Master the latest technology and market information in the industry. Don't miss it, register now!