2020.1.8 Russian Customers Visit Our Factory

2020-01.08 clients Mr. Tsympilov Bulat and Mr. Bayarto from Russia visited our PCBA factory


On 8th Jan, Nice to meet Mr. Tsympilov Bulat and his manager Bayarto today for their visiting to our PCBA factory.


At the end of December, we offered them our PCBA quotation. They not only have office in Russia but also in Shenzhen, too. Now this time they wanted to check our factory’s production capability and quality control.


They came very early today. We were so glad for their visit to our factory. After they had a rest in the our factory’s meeting room, we went to our PCBA production line together directly. We showed them our 8 SMT Lines, DIP line, Back welding line, Assembly line, Reflow soldering, AOI Testing(X-ray Testing for BGA package), Automatic Wave soldering, ect... They showed high interest to our devices and production capacity. It was a happy time to introduce them every production process.



After visiting our production line, we were back to our meeting room. Our manager, Mr. Bulat, Mr. Bayarto and me have a great talking about the quotation we have quoted.



It is really a nice day for their visiting. 

Look forward to ther further cooperation.