3E Ushered In A New Era Of Smart Technology Products

The China electronics enterprises association and zhenwei exhibition share announced that the Beijing international consumer electronics expo (3EĀ·Beijing 2019), with the theme of "smart and smart life", will be held at the Beijing national convention center from August 2 to 4, 2019, and related activities have been officially launched.

According to 3E 2019 organizers of the Beijing Chinese electronic enterprises association, zhenwei exhibition shares relevant controller introduces, in order to "mentally move global hui enjoy life" as the theme of the 3 e. Beijing 2019 exhibition will further expand the scale, the pavilion is expected to 3, the exhibition area of more than 25000 square meters, attracting nearly 300 enterprises exhibitors, visitors are expected to exceed 40000 people.

With the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers' purchasing power and pursuit of quality life, and the continuous fermentation of the iteration and optimization trend of consumer electronics products, China's consumer electronics industry has ushered in an unprecedented opportunity.China's consumer electronics industry is at the forefront of global competition.Today, it is not only the largest consumer electronics expo in the Asia-pacific region, but also a global platform to showcase high-end products and cutting-edge technologies in the consumer electronics sector.

Based on the largest consumer electronics industry base in north China and the national market demand, 3E is building a consumer electronics brand exhibition with the advantages of seven brands.Focusing on the Beijing international consumer electronics expo, 3E exhibition includes the exhibition lineup of "intelligent hardware + artificial intelligence technology", including the Beijing international artificial intelligence conference, Beijing international intelligent retail exhibition and Beijing international intelligent travel exhibition.The exhibition covers seven sectors including consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, intelligent robot, artificial intelligence, big data, intelligent retail and intelligent transportation.