5 G Is Coming! What Else Can You Do Except Surf The Internet Fast

On June 3, according to xinhua news agency quoted national ministry of industry and information technology, according to the current commercial deployment of 5 g is entering the world stage, in 5 g industry in China adhere to independent innovation and opening up and cooperation, on the basis of the combination of competitive advantage have been established, including in the technical test stage, many foreign companies have been deeply involved in, and prove that our country already have 5 g commercial basis. To this end, the ministry of industry and information technology plans to issue 5G commercial license in the near future, which means that China will soon officially enter the first year of 5G commercial! Sources also pointed out that 5G commercial license could be issued as soon as this weekend!

Although 5G commercial soon, but the reporter found that many citizens are still "a little confused", it seems that in addition to knowing it is a faster than 4G mobile communication network system, the other confusion. Today we are going to explain some basic knowledge of 5G business.

So far, the technology industry has proposed three expected application scenarios based on the characteristics of 5G, namely eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband), URLLC (ultra-high reliability and low delay) and mMTC (massive machine-type terminal communication). To be more understandable, a lot of new technologies have been introduced for various vertical industry applications, which can solve many problems that cannot be solved by 4G, including:

Support for hd media applications

The current 4G network, with limited capacity and insufficient upstream and downstream bandwidth, cannot support 4K/8K hd applications for downloading, and it may be difficult to support uplink and some hd video uploads. However, 5G eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) can well support this, and enable high-definition live broadcasting services such as 4K/8K video on mobile terminal to be realized. There is also AR/VR. In the past, due to insufficient network bandwidth and large delay, the application experience is not very good, but the future 5G can support this.


● automatic driving

According to the current 4 g networks, it is difficult to effectively support the automatic transmission need to ultra low delay, high reliability of the vehicle control signaling, cannot satisfy the autopilot may need huge amounts of data returned, but the problem could be resolved in 5 g, 5 g network is now considered can support L5 level completely automated driving technology solutions.


● industrial automation

For industrial automation, lower latency, more reliable networks, and even a separate network hosting are required. Here 5G URLLC (ultra-reliable low latency) will play a good role, and the introduction of network slicing technology will better support this part of the application.


● telemedicine

This part includes network support for stationary and high-speed motion (such as in ambulances), as well as ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability, and may require very large bandwidth support.


● smart city

Future city cameras, billboards, street lights, traffic lights... Even garbage cans can be connected with 5G to improve various functions of the city in an all-round way.

Are you ready for 5G?

Internet users are abuzz after the announcement that 5G commercial licenses will be issued recently. "Just bought a mobile phone, still need to change a mobile phone?" "Will it be cheaper?" "How much is a 5G phone?"


● do you need to change your phone?

If you want to use 5G networks, you need to switch to 5G phones, no doubt about it.


Fortunately, a batch of 5G terminals can meet users right away, such as huawei Mate 20 X 5G, samsung S10 5G, xiaomi Mix 3 5G, OPPO Reno 5G, vivo NEX 5G, zte tenx AXON 10 and so on.


However, the current price of these phones are not cheap, tens of thousands of yuan is basically the "standard". The huawei Mate 20 X 5G version is priced at 12,800 yuan, the most expensive, while the mi Mix 3 5G version is priced at 11,800 yuan.


Fu liang advised users not to rush to get started, but often go to the operators' business offices to learn about the progress. After next march, 5G mobile phones will sell for about 6,000 yuan. It will sell for about 2,000 yuan in the fourth quarter of next year, and will have most of the capabilities of the current 10,000 yuan phone.

One piece of good news is that unlike 3G users who need to change their CARDS during the transition to 4G, users will be able to experience 5G high-speed Internet access and voice services without changing their CARDS or Numbers, which will save a lot of trouble, according to previous announcements by the three operators.


● will 4G phones be obsolete?

"I just bought a new cell phone, and now you tell me this." Some netizens wondered, "does this mean my 4G phone is going to be obsolete?"


In fact, it is not obsolete, just as there are still a large number of 2G users in the 4G era, who still use 2G phones.

So users in no hurry to experience 5G network can continue to use the current 4G mobile phone, and the three major operators can still provide good 4G network support. In addition, the current 4G network speed is also very fast, in the case that 5G hd video and other applications are not popular, 4G network can also meet the daily needs of users.

What 5G applications have been built/are under construction in guangzhou?

Over the past few months, local operators in guangzhou have been working with partners to test a number of 5G applications. Once the ministry of industry and information technology officially issues 5G commercial licenses, these industrial applications will be able to serve the citizens of yangcheng immediately. Here are some examples:


●5G bus, happy travel

5G bus, jointly launched by guangzhou mobile, guangzhou xinsui bus and guangzhou tongda automobile, is currently in the trial operation stage and is about to provide new travel experience for citizens. For example, "5G bus" logo has been hung on line 807A of xinsui bus, and several cameras, monitoring TV and other equipment inside the bus have been updated.


In the era of 5G, the bandwidth of on-board video can be higher than 80M upstream and 800M downstream. Passengers can even watch 4K high-definition video on the moving bus. The large bandwidth of 5G network also makes it possible for 720P high-definition video real-time monitoring of the whole vehicle 6 road, which makes it more comfortable for neighbors to safely ride buses. In addition to 807A, 5G will soon be used in 864 and other lines. In addition to 5G innovative functions loaded on vehicles, intelligent bus stations will realize intelligent parking management, dispatching and command, uav patrol, unmanned driving, big data decision support and other applications.

● white swan hotel has been transformed into a "5G+4K" smart hotel

Guangzhou white swan hotel and guangzhou telecom have recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly building 5G smart hotel project. What kind of experience will this bring to the store residents?


In the coffee shop of white swan hotel, customers can use their mobile phones to access 5G network, download a 4K hd movie in a few seconds, and watch hd video online in real time, without any lag or long time buffer. In the 5G themed rooms built by the hotel, users can achieve immersive experience through VR glasses under 5G network, such as experiencing the atmosphere of the stadium during the live event, and even athletes' sweat can be clearly seen. In 5G banquet hall, 4K high-definition video live broadcast prepared for the wedding reception is set, which can not only leave the wonderful moment with high restoration degree for the couple, but also allow the relatives and friends who cannot be present to watch the high-definition wedding process "personally".


Guangzhou first people's hospital 5G full coverage

In early may, the first people's hospital of guangzhou completed a 5G remote ultrasonic diagnosis: patients in the imaging room of nansha hospital were lying on their back beside the AI remote ultrasonic equipment. Here in yuexiu main hospital, imaging experts conducted real-time diagnosis of patients through an AI ultrasonic mechanical arm and 4K camera. With 5G networks, remote ultrasound devices can scan a patient's abdominal surface flexibly, allowing every detail of the patient to be presented clearly and smoothly to the doctor.

According to the reporter, this is the first step for guangzhou first people's hospital and guangzhou unicom to sign the high-level hospital 5G strategic cooperation. In the future, the two sides will further integrate 5G technology with telemedicine, mobile ward rounds, emergency rescue and intelligent management, and push the construction of guangzhou smart hospital to a new level.