5 Innovations To Promote The Development Of PCB Sub-board

PCB splitter, also called circuit board splitter. He overcomes the disadvantages of the destruction of PCB electrical circuits, parts, and tin lanes due to uneven force of the manual hand folding and differences in the angle position of the folded plate, and has quickly become the darling of the electronics manufacturing industry. China has become one of the world's largest PCB board splitter markets for many years.

In the case of explosive growth in the demand for automatic lock screw machines in China, the industry is large but not strong. There are many small and medium-sized PCB sub-board equipment companies, and there are many speculative water testers and few solid investment. In technology development, there are many imitators, and few breakthrough innovators. In promoting the development of the PCB sub-board equipment industry, we must focus on breakthrough technologies, property rights protection, and technological innovation, and avoid the old path of excess capacity.

       The first is technological innovation. The key to innovation is the smooth transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the close connection between science and technology and economic development. China's scientific and technological innovation has made great progress, but the rate of scientific and technological conversion and scientific and technological contribution is still not high. There are many patents, but the proportion of invention patents is low, so that about half of key technologies and core technologies are subject to people. Scientific and technological innovation should emphasize independent innovation, and introduce, digest, and absorb innovation. We will not close the door and exclude international advanced technology and management, but we must pay more attention to independent innovation after having a certain foundation.

       The second is product and service innovation. The purpose of economic development is to meet people's increasing demand for products and services. The variety and quality of automatic screw machine products and services condenses the achievements of science and technology and management, and can also create consumption to stimulate consumption and promote economic growth.

       The third is management innovation. Enterprise management emphasizes scientific management, modern management, and information management, and the management covers the entire process. Among them, the establishment of a modern enterprise system is a fundamental institutional arrangement.

     The fourth is industrial innovation. From factory to company, from corporate law to company law, from corporate functions to business divisions, scientific, modern, and networked organizational innovations change with each passing day. The industry chain is constantly improving, and new models emerge in the Internet era.

The fifth is business model innovation. The production mode has evolved from small varieties and large batches in the past to multiple varieties and small batches. Large-scale production has shifted to flexible, socialized and networked production. Personalized customization is justified. Modern logistics, e-commerce, Internet finance and other business forms Flourish.