5 Yuan A PCB? Is True, But Also Be Wary Of Low-priced Proofing Traps!

"5 yuan PCB proofing" incident continues to ferment, P factory, Q factory, B factory, J factory and many other PCB proofing factories join the "price reduction corps". On April 26th, P factory launched the first PCB single and double panel sample with a high profile. Will PCB proofing be rounded in the future, free of charge...



Today, what can 5 yuan buy in shenzhen? I believe everyone will smile when they see this problem: "don't say 5 yuan, now 50 yuan is only for a fast food meal, it's not enough to spend.


So, if a circuit board (PCB) only need 5 dollars, also the whole country * abundant abundant postage, can you believe?


PCB proofing =5 yuan/style? Is true!


On April 24, a PCB sample/small batch manufacturer in shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as factory C) put out an advertisement saying "PCB sample making =5 yuan/style, free shipping nationwide, no extra charge for 24 hours delivery, no charge for miscellaneous colors", which aroused the doubts of colleagues in the industry.


Five yuan a PCB? How much does it cost? Losing money and gaining popularity? How long will the factory last?

To this, C factory voice explanation: at present PCB proofing industry "zai ripe routine" prevail, the example low price introduction door, after the batch direct markup, can kill a regular customer is a, some peer even launched proofing 3 yuan low, wait until the customer put forward the batch demand, directly increase the batch price to 430 yuan/square meter or higher!


Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity of price reduction, factory C lowered the price of PCB sample once to the designated place -- within 10cm in length, width and width, 5 pieces of sample with lead and tin spray, all 5 yuan/style, and the whole country is free of post, while the bulk price of small batch is 280 yuan/square meter.


This news, the platform's official website and order assistant are full, almost paralyzed server. Many engineers said: "this preferential power, forcing me to work overtime sketchpad ah" "activities lasted a few days, I can work overtime a few days" "don't say, the board finished, the order to go" and so on.


From the perspective of PCB proofing ecology, is 5 yuan/style really that lethal? The answer is yes. Whether the "rip-off routine" of C factory's accusation is true or not, we still don't talk about it. The word of "5 yuan" is enough to set off eyeballs.


What's more, since 2018, PCB board raw materials have experienced a big price increase, which caused the synchronous rise of the market of small batch, and directly led to the PCB sample price of 5-100 square meters, which soared from 200-300 yuan/style to more than 400-500 yuan/style.

It should be noted that PCB template is almost used in the design and production of the front end, which will not generate profits. The high sample making unit price will only make the downstream factories bear more design costs. For electronic engineers, it is a major breach of responsibility. Today's "5 yuan/style" seems to be a timely aid to engineers, which is not difficult to understand, why the engineers would like to big pu Ben.


However, look to let benefit the backside of the user, PCB proofing industry "dark disease" just revealed...


Go to 1 yuan free mail! PCB proofing to start labor shuffling


On April 25, the "5 yuan PCB sample making" event continued to ferment, P factory, Q factory, B factory, J factory and other PCB sample making factories joined the "price reduction corps". Among them, the price reduction of P factory is the most ruthless, which directly shouted out the slogan of "making 3 pieces of samples * free shipping" and shocked the PCB making circle.


An electronics engineer teases the phenomenon with a card game:

C Factory: Proofing 50 yuan/section.


·P factory: Me and!


·C Factory: Proofing 30 yuan/section.


·P Factory: I'm with, plus 24 hours delivery!


·C Factory: Proofing 30 Yuan, Shun Fung package mail.


·P Factory: I followed, plus 24 hours do not ship board photos to do, the money is all back!


·C Factory: Proofing 10 Yuan Shun Fung package mail.


·P Factory: Proofing 9 Yuan Shun Fung Bao Mail!


·C Factory: Proofing 5 Yuan Shun Fung package mail.


·P Factory: Proofing 3 Yuan Shun Fung Bao Mail! ·


C Factory: We "concede defeat ", 5 yuan package mail continue!

What's more incredible is that on April 26, P factory launched the first PCB single and double panel sample for newly registered users with a high profile, which only cost 1 yuan!


So is the previous netizen the prophet emperor? PCB samples will be rounded in the future, free of charge?


International electronic business information on this special interview industry senior personage, he thinks, for electronic engineers, proofing the more severe price is more beneficial to their own; However, for the entire PCB proofing market, this crazy price reduction is tantamount to "price war", which is the reflection of the intensified reshuffle of PCB proofing industry.


Price war is a way to gain the growth of turnover at the expense of profit, which is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst and draining the pond. If enterprises engage in low-price sales for a long time, then the profit will be reduced, and the corresponding reduction in research and development, technical innovation, marketing, management and other fields of investment, resulting in insufficient development momentum. And the lack of development momentum will in turn further affect the business performance of the enterprise, making the enterprise into a vicious circle of mire.


At present, the entire consumer electronics market is in a slump, and the high-end application market is still in its infancy. For example, 5G is bound to bring a new wave of market upsurge, but it is generally believed that it will take 2-3 years.

As the mother of electronic products, except for some large PCB factories with absolute innovation ability, they have the strength to lay out the layout of emerging markets in advance. Other small and medium-sized PCB factories are mostly absorbing the existing surplus capacity. Who can survive this 2-3 year industry downturn, who is expected to usher in a new dawn. Especially in PCB proofing factories, price war can benefit consumers directly, promote market expansion rapidly, improve demand and purchasing power, so as to stabilize the winter.


Moreover, PCB proofing market has been lack of industry standards and standards, proofing under the surface of the big price, "surcharge" emerge in endlessly. Such as the designated plate fee, additional film fee, high expedited fee, high test fee and other additional costs, is still hidden in the low price strategy, if not familiar with the pricing rules of the old users, I am afraid that only more than out of pocket, and then to the proofing factory to bring bad evaluation, affect the entire performance income. Only low price can attract more new users in a short time and accumulate more reputation.


Finally, they say, this is the way forward for the industry, painful but unavoidable. We have to remind the engineers again, juhui profit can not be negative, but also to be vigilant behind the low-price routines, generally the sky is not pie, but the trap.