5G And PCB Demand

1、5G base stations remain highly prosperous, PCB demand continues to grow

According to Sina Financial News, on June 26, World Mobile Communications Conference 2019 (MWC19), Huawei Chairman Hu Houkun said that as of now, Huawei has signed 50 5G commercial contracts worldwide, and 5G base stations have shipped more than 15 global Shipments. Ten thousand, has been formed in volume delivery. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, since July 18, the output of mobile communication base station equipment has increased significantly, driving the growth of upstream PCB. According to the prediction of Guangfa Electronics Group, the value of domestic 5G base station AUUPCB is 25.5 billion yuan, about 6 times that of the 4G era. As the demand for polychlorinated biphenyls increases, the relevant industrial chain is expected to usher in development opportunities.

2、The PCB industry is rapidly moving to China, and the domestic ink industry is welcoming development opportunities.

According to the data of Zhiyan Consulting, in 2008, the market scale of the PCB industry in mainland China was only 15 billion US dollars, and the PCB output value accounted for 31% of the world. In 2018, the domestic PCB output value further increased to 32.6 billion US dollars, and the global share exceeded 50%. Over the years, the global PCB industry has continued to shift to China, and China has become the world's largest PCB manufacturing country. PCB ink is one of the key raw materials for PCB production, and its demand situation is directly affected by the scale and development of the PCB industry.

3、PCB ink process technology barriers are high, leading enterprises have significant benefits

PCB manufacturing has extremely high technical barriers, involving dry and wet processes, long process flows, cumbersome control points and dozens of quality factors. In addition, the customer's use of the product requires a break-in period, at least after more than a year of verification. Once certified, it relies heavily on technology brands and does not easily replace product suppliers. New entrants in the industry are often difficult to gain market recognition in a short period of time. Leading companies have technological and scale advantages. In the long run, the external opportunities brought by the PCB industry superposition to China will benefit from import substitution.

4、Industry chain related listed companies

5G has brought significant improvements in PCB value and industrial upgrades, driving the continued growth in PCB demand. As one of the upstream raw materials for printed circuit boards (PCBs), the number of PCB inks is expected to continue to increase.