5G Can Greatly Benefit The Development Of Flexible Circuit Boards. Application Of Laser Cutting On Flexible Circuit Boards

In 2019, 5G appeared more and more frequently in people's lives. More and more people know 5G and pay attention to 5G services/mobile phones. 5G has the characteristics of “high rate, low latency, large capacity” and is becoming the latest outlet of the technology industry.


With the approach of 5G commercialization, new market demand will release and benefit all aspects of the industry chain. From the research and development trend of 5G commercial equipment and products, the flexible circuit board industry will become one of the biggest beneficiaries.

In the electronics industry, flexible circuit boards can be said to be the blood vessels of electronic products. The flexible circuit board has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, flexibility, and three-dimensional assembly, and has a high degree of compatibility with the market development trend, and the demand is increasingly strong. At the same time of rapid development of the industry, the processing technology of flexible circuit boards is also constantly innovating.

FPC board

As a non-contact processing tool, the laser can apply high-intensity light energy (650mW/mm2) at a small focus (100~500μm). This high energy can be used for laser cutting, drilling, and Marking, welding, scribing and various other processing.

Huagong Laser independently developed the FPC flexible circuit board cutting machine to automate the fine cutting of the flexible circuit board. Compared with the traditional mechanical blanking, the laser processing does not require any consumables, and the edge processing is more perfect, the speed can reach 3cm/s, which is equivalent to blinking. Kung Fu, the equipment has finished the length of the adult little finger.

Advantages of laser cutting flexible circuit boards

Due to the increasing line density and pitch of FPC products, and the FPC graphics contours are becoming more and more complex, the difficulty of making FPC molds is becoming more and more difficult. Laser-cut flexible circuit boards adopt CNC machining forms, eliminating the need for mold processing and saving. Opening cost

Due to the lack of machining itself, the processing precision is limited. The laser-cut flexible circuit board uses a high-performance ultraviolet laser light source, and the beam quality is good, and the cutting effect is better;

Since the traditional processing technology is a contact type machining method, it will inevitably cause processing stress on the FPC, which may cause physical damage. The laser-cut flexible circuit board is non-contact processing, which effectively avoids damage and deformation of the processed material.