5G Will Penetrate Almost Every Field

What opportunities will create the next tencent, alibaba, Google?


"This is what all capital is looking at. Now, a lot of capital is focused on 5G, and when it finds good applications and business models, it will pounce like a tiger." Liu erfei, founding partner and CEO of the Asian investment fund, said at the opening ceremony of the 21st annual meeting of China association for science and technology in Harbin on June 29-30.


Ding jian, director of venture capital at jinshajiang, asks: is the impact of 5G a story or a reality that can be seen in the next few years?


Open up the blue ocean of industrial Internet


Wu hequan, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and an expert on the optical fiber transmission network and broadband information network, made it clear that 5G is not far away from life. "With its advantages of high speed, high definition and low latency, 5G will not only bring high-speed download capability, but also better experience in virtual reality, augmented reality and other aspects, which can be used in education, telemedicine and other fields. With big connections, 5G will help build smart cities and smart factories. In addition, 5G technology can also be used to train pilots, pilots, workers, as well as education and autonomous driving."


Wu hequan stressed that the initial application scenario of 5G is based on consumption, but ultimately it should be extended to the industry. Wu jichuan, honorary chairman of the China society of electronics and former minister of the ministry of posts and telecommunications, also said 5G has opened up a new blue ocean in industrial production and industrial Internet.


"Very skilled workers have to look at the drawings to connect each cable, but comac USES 5G and 8K technologies that allow workers to connect directly without looking at the drawings and cables. Improve work efficiency, also ensure the quality of work. At the moment, 5G can permeate every industry." Wu said.


Wu hequan admits that the development of 5G needs a process. "It will take seven to eight years for 5G coverage to reach a scale like 4G. According to qualcomm's related research report, 5G will increase global economic output by 4.6% by 2035, corresponding to the market size of $12.3 trillion. By 2035, China's GDP will probably increase by $1 trillion and create about 10 million new jobs because of the use of 5G."


Some people say 5G terminals and fees are expensive, wu hequan thinks this is not a problem. "In a few years, the terminal price of 5G will be at the same level as the current 4G, and the tariff will keep falling. As technology advances, 5G is not a higher cost but an affordable one."


Bring opportunity for northeast revitalization


In the era of industrial Internet, what role does 5G play in promoting the development of northeast old industrial bases? Wuhequan said that heilongjiang can use 5G to ease traffic congestion, promote agricultural modernization and digital transformation of factories, and better exploit educational resources and ice and snow tourism resources. "There are almost no areas where 5G cannot penetrate, and heilongjiang can make new strides with 5G."


Deng zhonghan, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and founder of zhongxingwei group, also said 5G is a great opportunity for supply-side reform, and heilongjiang should take advantage of 5G to promote the revitalization of the old industrial base. Within five years, Mr. Liu hopes to have 50 to 100 heilongjiang companies entering Shanghai's technology and innovation board or international capital markets. "It needs to train people, gather capital and improve the business environment in heilongjiang."


"The capital markets are cautiously optimistic about 5G and a little bit scared. The reason for optimism is that everyone thinks 5G will bring fundamental changes to life and business models. Caution is because everyone is predicting when the good things in 5G will come." Liu erfei said.


Why are we so nervous? "Because of the whole capital market, many enterprises underestimated the impact of mobile Internet on people's lives and some businesses at that time, so they were worried that 5G would suddenly come and they would miss out on good investment opportunities and business models." Liu erfei said.


Still, Mr. Ding encouraged more tech entrepreneurs to boldly explore the commercial model of 5G. "If you are also looking for 5G commercial model, as long as the team is good and the market is good, you don't need to worry about capital." "Said Chen hong, founder, chairman and CEO of hanergy investment group.