Actual Investigation Of Mobile Phone Production Line In Huawei Southern Factory

On May 20, China business news visited the mobile phone production line of Huawei's southern factory in Songshan lake, Dongguan. It is known that the P30 mobile phone, Huawei's latest flagship model, is being produced in the factory.


In a statement on the same day, Google said: "we are complying with the order and reviewing the impact. "For users, security protection services using Google Play and Google Play Protect will continue to work on existing Huawei devices.


Huawei responded that android, as the smartphone operating system, has always been open source, and Huawei, as an important participant, has made a very important contribution to the development and growth of android.


"" Huawei has the ability to continue to develop and use the android ecosystem. In a statement to reporters, Huawei stressed that its products and services under the Huawei and honor brands, including smart phones and tablets, will not be affected in the Chinese market. In the future, Huawei will continue to create a safe and sustainable all-scene intelligent ecology to provide better services for users.


China business news reporter in the above mobile phone production line to see, P30 mobile phone production is in tense. According to the person in charge of the production line, the manufacturing cycle of mobile phones has been reduced from 12.55 days a few years ago to the current 2.19 days. Reporters in the scene to see, the production line is mostly automated production, from the material to the final phone packaging needs about 17 workers.

From the scene, on the outermost production line, the transmission belt will send P30 raw materials to the production line. "This qr code, which is the unique id card of each product, can ensure that the whole process of production can be accurately traced," said the production manager.


"This is just the beginning. We have walked less than 40 meters on this 120-meter production line, and we have gone through three automated inspection gates. But the inspection is not completely dependent on the machine, and the final testing stage will still set up manual positions. "The machine has finished testing all the components, but the phone focuses on the sense of experience, such as audio, screen and other parts closely related to the human body's senses," said the person in charge.