Advantages Of Laser Marking Machine In PCB QR Code Marking

Nowadays,electronic equipment is becoming more and more intelligent, thin and thin,and miniaturization.Consumers have higher quality requirements for products now. Then the manufacturer's quality control of the PCB circuit board should be more and more strict, in order to win the recognition of consumers and customers.


How to achieve the quality control of PCBs? It need to use traceability systems for quality control.Generally, through laser marking technology, the laser engraving string, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and other information on the PCB board are uploaded to the database through camera recognition,automatically rejecting the unqualified products, and realizing the product quality traceability of the entire internal process. Source supplier information to product outbound data tracking,tracking throughout, maximize product quality, and effectively achieve automatic control of product automation.


In the early days, the strings, images, contact information, and QR codes on the surface of the PCB were all inkjet process.With the development of thinner and smaller electronic devices,the size of the PCB board is very small. In order to save space, the two-dimensional code marked on the PCB is usually small, high density, and small in size. The marking of the QR code can only be achieved by laser marking technology.


Compared with the inkjet process method,the laser marking technology is more environmentally friendly and economical.The permanent marking will not be easily erased. The non-contact non-destructive marking will not damage the substrate, and the processing precision is high, and the service life is long. Fast efficiency, beautifully labeled, no obvious touch on the hand, easy to operate, fool-like processing.


A new generation of PCB two-dimensional code marking combined with laser technology,laser marking technology to help the PCB board industry to complete the perfect quality control,the vast PCB board market provides a broad space for the development of the laser marking machine industry.