AOI: A Success Road For Optical Inspection Of The PCB/FPC Industry

Machine vision gradually replaces manual detection, and the escort detection equipment for electronic precision equipment can be divided into appearance foreign object detection and function detection of telecommunication signals. As the precision of electronic products increases, the requirements for yield and quality control are gradually strict. Optical automated inspection (AOI) based on machine vision has begun to be used in large areas and has replaced traditional manual inspections in terms of efficiency and economy. At present, the application of AOI mainly includes PCB (printed circuit board), FPD (flat panel display), photovoltaic and lithium battery industries.

The capacity transfer of integrated circuits and LCD panels is in full swing. Domestic AOI equipment companies are welcoming demand AOI inspection products. The downstream industry is the integrated circuit and LCD panel market, and these two industries are undergoing a process of global capacity transfer. Japan and South Korea gradually shifted to the domestic market. In 2016, China's PCB global market shipments accounted for more than 50%. The FPD industry's mainland small and medium-sized display panel shipments accounted for 38% of the global market share, surpassing South Korea and Taiwan for the first time. The global capacity transfer has brought fertile ground for the growth of equipment companies.According to our calculations, benefiting from the construction of OLED and high-generation panel lines, the market capacity of AOI testing equipment in domestic FPD industry will reach 17 billion yuan in the next few years. The total demand for AOI testing equipment brought by the FPD industry exceeds 10 billion yuan, and the market prospect is broad.

AOI testing equipment market competition pattern: the global market is divided into four parts, domestic equipment companies struggling to break through the AOI testing equipment market to show global competition. In the past, the global market mainly includes four camps: (1) Israeli equipment companies; (2) Korean equipment Enterprise; (3) Japanese equipment company;(4)Taiwan equipment company. Well-known companies include South Africa's Sytech, Japan's Omron, Israel's Orbotech and Kang Dai, Taiwan's Deru Technology, Yutian Xinji and Zhimao Electronics. Israel Orbotech is the world's largest AOI testing equipment company with a global revenue of more than $800 million. In the face of global competition, domestic equipment companies are struggling to break through and products are breaking through.

China AOI testing companies such as precision measurement electronics are gradually growing. Currently, listed companies engaged in AOI equipment are scarce,only Seiko Electronics and Jintuo. AOI products of Jingzheng Electronics are mainly concentrated in the field of FPD. In 2016, the sales volume of AOI has reached 210 million yuan, which is growing rapidly.In the future, the company's new product research and development direction will mainly focus on the AOI testing equipment field of Array segment and Cell segment, which is expected to benefit from OLED and high-generation panel line construction; Jintuo's AOI equipment is mainly based on the PCB field. In 2016, PCB-AOI revenue was 56.62 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 107.06%. Domestic AOI testing companies are growing stronger in the wave of capacity shifts.