Apple's New Supply Is In Short Supply PCB Supply Chain Is Fast

Recently, Apple's new products, iPhone 11 and AirPods Pro, are selling well, showing a market situation that is in short supply, driving the growth of the PCB supply chain. Component suppliers such as Huatong, Yaohua, Xinxing, and Ding-KY have received large orders. At the same time, the stock price of the PCB group also rose in the past three months.

At present, Apple AirPods Pro has a good sales volume, and the PCB-related supply chain including Xinxing and Yuding-KY operations has also increased. In the past month, Wei Ding's share price has increased by nearly 50%. Xinxing's share price has risen by more than 30% in the past three months. It is reported that the headset is still designed with soft and hard boards as the main design, while Huatong and Yaohua as suppliers will also A large number of orders were seized.

Yaohua’s third-quarter earnings report showed a revenue of 6.204 billion yuan, combined with a net profit before tax of 878 million Taiwan dollars (the same below), and a post-tax earnings per share of 1.08 yuan, an annual increase of more than 1.8 times, accumulated from January to September before tax. The net profit was 1.79 billion yuan, and the after-tax earnings per share was 2.23 yuan. In the past three months, Yaohua's share price has also increased by more than 50%.

At the end of October, Apple officially launched the AirPods Pro wireless headset, which supports active noise reduction. The price is RMB 1999. After the official launch, it has been purchased by a large number of users. Apple's official website shows that the delivery date of AirPods Pro after purchase is extended to 2- 3 weeks, this means that the official website will be out of stock for a long time.