Application Of FPC Circuit Board

What kind of things will use FPC boards? General household and common electronic products, electrical appliances, such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, kitchen cookers, rice cookers, range hoods, and some chargers, remote controls, and high-end. Precision aircraft, missiles, automotive equipment, medical equipment, military equipment, etc. The circuit board application is normal in the product to adjust the speed, control time, display and other functions. Not all electrical appliances use circuit boards, such as ordinary hot water bottles, which only use electric heating to boil water. All do not need to use circuit boards.

   Normally, when we use the circuit board, how to choose a simple single or double panel or a multi-layer board, it is necessary to take into account the function and requirements of the product. The higher the product requirements, the more the cost of the circuit board. The design of the circuit board will involve various functions such as signal anti-interference, line layout, and EMC.

   With the development of technology, the requirements for electronic products are getting higher and higher. Because the application range of single and double panels is small, only for simple products, can not meet the needs of the times, so the multi-layer circuit board will be considered to meet the functionality of the product. Multilayer boards are used today in a wide range of electronic products because of their high economic performance and stable circuit performance. Briefly describe the method and application of the number of circuit board layers, which may be incomplete and specific, but still hope to let everyone know and help.