China Is Expected To Become The Home Of The Global PCB Industry

                          China is expected to become the home of the global PCB industry

    According to the latest purchasing managers' index for manufacturing in China released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the PMI for June 2017 was 51.7 percent, up 0.5 percentage points from the previous month. The pace of manufacturing expansion has accelerated. In the five sub-indices that make up the manufacturing PMI, the production index and the new order index are above the critical point, indicating that China's manufacturing production continues to maintain growth. Demand in the manufacturing market has risen steadily.

      Specifically, the transfer of the global electronics manufacturing industry chain to the Asia Pacific region, driven by the PCB industry eastward, now the world's most PCB production in Asia. The specific market distribution, 2016 China mainland accounted for 50%, Chinese Taiwan 12.8%, South Korea 11.5%, 9.7% in Japan, the four countries / regions of Asia's share of global PCB ratio 84%. according to the Prismark statistics, 2010--2015, PCB China output surged from $19 billion 971 million to $26 billion 700 million, the output value of the global PCB market in 2016 reached $54 billion 200 million, compared with 2015 output declined, the future in the global electronic information industry continued development, is expected in 2017 the global PCB market value will reach $55 billion 300 million. And this one is a part of output will fall to Chinese PCB enterprise's hands.

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        At present, the total human resources of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises over the scale of nearly 17.94 million, according to incomplete statistics, the total number of talent is nearly 7.36 million. With the increase of investment in the construction of traditional manufacturing specialty, a large number of advanced design and key manufacturing technology will be born. Materials, digital modeling and simulation, industrial control and automation, industrial cloud services and big data application.

       On the whole, whether it is national policy support, market potential, industry accumulation, or talent reserve, China already has all the conditions for the rapid development of PCB industry. Become the home of global PCB industry already is natural.