Can The Addition Of Car Companies Change The Situation Of Shortage Of Ventilator?

It is not easy for a car company to make a ventilator, because it needs to transform the original factory, such as building a dust-free workshop, and the production process must be transformed to meet the standards of medical production. Yue Dejun, CEO of Ningbo Junjie Medical Devices Co., Ltd. feels, "For Tesla and other companies with advanced automation and informatization, this change in R & D system is terrible, meaning a completely different set of processes."

Yuwell Medical also pointed out that although Tesla's cars have a complex HVAC system, SpaceX spacecraft has a life support system, it seems that the production of ventilator is not difficult. But under normal circumstances, even a professional medical equipment manufacturer, it may take up to 40 days to produce a ventilator. "Even if you are a first-class drama actor, you must familiarize yourself with the movie's manufacturing process before making a movie. "

From a production point of view, medical ventilator also involves personnel training.

It is understood that recently Microsoft is cooperating with partners to provide AR training with HoloLens, to provide workers with production process guidelines for manufacturing ventilators, and to accelerate the production process of ventilators.

In addition to the hardware, there are also some obstacles in the software of the converted ventilator. The medical ventilator is not a "plug and play" device, there will be a very complicated special setting mode to adjust the patient's specific blood oxygen concentration, including the frequency of breathing.

Delivery, installation, and commissioning are the most difficult things in the production of ventilator. Many times the poor adjustment of the ventilator not only does not help, but also damages the patient's respiratory tract, so the general medical ventilator needs to be equipped with special breathing Therapist, and operate according to the specific situation of the patient.

However, it is also pointed out that the introduction of car manufacturers will greatly ease the dilemma of demand for ventilators.

It is not necessary for the outside world to worry about the technology and patents of car manufacturers to manufacture ventilators, because these car companies are not fighting alone, but mostly cooperate with the original ventilator manufacturers to produce. For example, Ford cooperates with 3M and General Medical, General Motors cooperates with Ventec Life Systems, Tesla and Medtronic.

The cooperative manufacturers of these car companies are very professional, "just because this market is relatively stable and there is no outbreak, so no one is going to mass production", but now there is a large demand, and some car companies are willing to take out production lines to help them produce Therefore, the problem in the middle is nothing more than the production line expansion process.

Therefore, under such circumstances, many governments have also begun to encourage car companies to intervene in the production of ventilators.

The British government once appealed to car companies on March 16, hoping to switch to ventilator, and received response from British automakers such as Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, McLaren; Also pushing features called Ford, GM and Tesla to give green lights and urge them to produce ventilators as soon as possible, "Let me see how powerful you are?"

So far, 12 multinational automobile manufacturers, such as Ford, General Motors, and Tesla, have begun to announce the production of ventilators. In any case, this is good news for the current global epidemic situation and the shortage of medical supplies in many countries.