CCL Price Increase For Key Parts, PCB Cost Rises

The world's second-largest copper foil substrate (CCL) plant, Continental Biotech, has risen 5% for different materials since September, opening the first shot of the key parts price increase in the electronics industry.

This year, the global electronics industry is very cautious in pulling goods. The key components such as panels, memory, and semiconductor silicon wafers that were sought after last year have not been popular, and prices have been adjusted back. It is understood that the price increase is mainly due to the fact that China's 5G infrastructure has driven Netcom's demand for CCL, which is the key component of the latest price increase in the electronics industry in the near future.

Copper foil substrate (CCL) is a key raw material for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and cannot be replaced by other materials, accounting for more than 30% of PCB production costs.

PCB has the reputation of "the mother of industry", and CCL, which plays a key role in PCB, has become the key to the circuit connection design of 3C electronic products. With the wide application of PCBs in automotive electronics, Netcom base stations, notebooks, information equipment, mobile devices and mobile phones, and the major countries in the world to actively promote 5G infrastructure, the first to drive the growth of medium and high-end CCL materials.