China Is About To Become A Major Producer Of PCB Worldwide

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a support for electronic components and a carrier for electrical connection. The global PCB industry's output value accounts for more than 1/4 of the total output value of the electronic component industry, and the industry scale reaches 60 billion US dollars. Due to China ’s huge domestic demand market, low labor costs, and comprehensive industrial support, global PCB production capacity has continued to shift to China since 2000. Since 2006, China has overtaken Japan as the world ’s largest PCB producer. .

Viewing the Development Status of China's PCB Industry from the Top 100 List

Judging from the list of China's printed circuit rankings, the PCB industry in mainland China has developed rapidly in the past decade. From the perspective of sales, in the first ranking released in 2002, there were only 28 companies with sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan in 2001, and the first Guangzhou Tianli had sales of 1.30 billion yuan. Since 2005, 100 companies have entered the list. By the fifteenth session of 2016, there were 131 companies with 100 million yuan in operating income from integrated PCB companies, which was 4.7 times the first session. In terms of revenue, Zhending Technology, the No. 1 comprehensive company, has reached 16.619 billion yuan, which is 13 times the first No. 1 Guangzhou Tianli 15 years ago. From the perspective of regional development, the top 100 PCB companies are mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Kunshan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions.

Domestic PCB products are moving from low-end to high-end

At present, China's PCB industry has entered a period of steady development, and products are mainly concentrated on low- and medium-end PCBs with cost advantages. According to market data compiled by the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, in 2016, the domestic hard board and composite board market share was 13.0% and 3.7% respectively, while the market share of 4-layer board, 6-layer board and 8 to 16-layer board 19.1%, 13.5%, and 10.4%, respectively, and IC carrier boards, 18-layer and above high-level board sales accounted for relatively small, only 2.7% and 1.2%. The market share of HDI board and flexible board is 16.5% and 17.1% respectively. With the continuous improvement of the technology of the Chinese PCB industry, the product structure is gradually optimized, and the sales ratio of single / dual panel and multi-layer boards of traditional products is gradually decreasing. High-tech content, high value-added HDI boards, packaging substrates, flexibility The proportion of sales of products such as boards has continued to increase.

Emerging applications bring unlimited business opportunities to PCB

On February 4, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the "Directory of Key Products and Services for Strategic Emerging Industries" (2016 Edition), which includes a new generation of information-based industries, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials industries, biological industries, and new energy Industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, digital creative industry, new energy automobile industry and 8 industries in 5 major fields, involving nearly 4,000 subdivided products and services. Compared with the version three years ago, the number of subdivided products and services has increased by nearly 900 items, among which the artificial intelligence and digital creative industries have entered the list of guidance directories for the first time. The subdivision catalog of new energy vehicles has also been expanded from the original "pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles" to "new energy vehicle products", "charging, swapping and hydrogenation facilities" and "production testing equipment" Three.

At present, the automobile is developing towards intelligence, and the automobile industry is expected to relay the smart phone into a new type of smart terminal. As the market share of electric vehicles continues to expand and intelligent + new energy, the use of electronic components in automobiles has increased significantly. Automotive electronics will be an important PCB market. However, the automotive industry has high requirements for product safety and reliability. Therefore, the PCB industry should make technical and production reserves before the full blowout of smart cars and new energy vehicles.

Artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing are strategic emerging industries supported by the state. From the perspective of product technology and process requirements, they belong to the high-end manufacturing category, and have high requirements for PCB manufacturing equipment and talent teams. The transformation and upgrading of the PCB industry provides a good opportunity.

Now, in the fields of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, smart cars, communications, consumer electronics, health care, and wearable devices, China has a huge market, and a large number of new consumer demands have been born. Specific to the PCB industry, as an indispensable part of the electronic system, the rapid development of these industries has also brought unlimited business opportunities to the PCB industry. This also proves from another aspect why China's PCB production can occupy half of the world's largest mountain and become the largest. PCB supply base.