China's AOI Market And Prospects

The full name of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) is automatic optical inspection, which is based on the optical principle to detect common defects encountered in welding production. AOI is a new type of testing technology emerging from the emerging world, but it has developed rapidly. Many manufacturers have introduced AOI testing equipment.

Industry Market Overview 1: The downstream is mainly based on PCB, FPD industry and semiconductor industry.

AOI testing is used primarily in the PCB market, FPD industry, semiconductors, and other industries such as photovoltaic cells. At present, the most widely used in China is the PCB industry. The FPD industry and the semiconductor industry have higher application rates but the market size is relatively small, accounting for 63.9%, 15.6% and 13.7% of the total AOI market size respectively.

Industry Market Overview 2: China's AOI testing industry market scale compound growth rate reached 16.8%

With the miniaturization and low energy consumption of electronic products, the components of their products tend to be miniaturized, and it is increasingly impossible to use manual inspection in the assembly process. Automatic detection equipment must be used; on the other hand, with labor costs Increasingly high, electronics manufacturing companies will accelerate the process of replacing manual labor with AOI testing equipment due to the demand for product quality and cost control. In this environment, global and Chinese automated optical inspection equipment will experience rapid growth in the next few years. In 2015, the market size of China's AOI testing industry reached 7.624 billion yuan, and the average annual compound growth rate of China's AOI market in 2015-2018 reached 16.8%.

Industry market prospects: good application prospects in the field of display defect detection

The traditional artificial eye inspection method for defect detection is subjective, and the rate of false detection and missed detection is high. The AOI detection equipment based on digital image processing has the advantages of high precision, high speed and no contact, which can overcome the drawbacks of manual detection and has a good application prospect in the field of display defect detection.