China's PCB Industry Market And Development Trend In 2019

1. Increase production automation and production model changes

The PCB industry is a labor-intensive industry. With the increase of labor costs, enterprises will gradually realize the transformation of industrial automation, and gradually shift from manual operation mode to automation equipment production.


2. The policy continues to be launched and there is huge room for market development.

Electronic information is a strategic pillar industry for China's key development. As the basic product of electronic products, printed circuit boards vigorously formulate national policies to promote and guide the healthy development of the printed electronics industry.


3. Automotive electronics promote rapid growth in PCB demand

The application area of PCB covers almost all electronic products and is an indispensable basic component in modern electronic equipment. The rapid growth of automotive electronics has led to a doubling of automotive PCB demand.


4. Pollutant treatment, processing and production to environmental protection

With the outstanding ecological and environmental issues, the concept of green environmental protection has gained consensus in the electronics industry. Under strict environmental protection standards, enterprises need to establish a more complete environmental protection system and the future development of the industry. The future industry will increase production and the products will develop in the direction of environmental protection.