China's Smart Driving Market Size And Forecast

The demand for PCB in new energy vehicles is equally huge. With the support of industrial policies, the domestic new energy vehicle market has maintained rapid growth since 2014. BMS in new energy vehicles is one of the core components, and as one of the basic components of BMS, PCB boards will also benefit from the development of new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicles are more electronic than traditional cars. New energy vehicles are represented by electric vehicles. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the main difference lies in the four major components, the drive motor, the speed controller, the power battery, and the car charger. The main purpose is to use the vehicle battery as the energy source and the motor as the power. The source drives the vehicle to travel. Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles have higher requirements for electronic. The cost of electronic devices in traditional high-class cars is about 25%, and in new energy vehicles, it is 45% to 65%.

New energy vehicles BMS: A new growth point for automotive PCB. Lithium battery is the core energy source of new energy vehicles. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the battery, the battery must be monitored in real time through the battery management system (BMS). BMS is also called the brain of electric vehicle battery system, with battery and body control. The system together constitutes the three core technologies of electric vehicles. PCB is the hardware foundation of BMS. The big bus has 12 to 24 boards, the small car has 8 to 12 boards, the main control circuit is about 0.24 square meters, and the single management unit is 2 to 3 square meters. Automotive PCB will usher in volume as the market for new energy vehicles grows.

The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a transition to the front of a fully autonomous vehicle. It uses a variety of sensors installed in the car to collect environmental data inside and outside the vehicle at the first time. Technical processing such as identification of static and dynamic objects, detection and tracking, so that the driver can detect the dangers that may occur in the fastest time, to attract attention and improve the safety of active safety technology, the principle of ADAS technology and The human reaction mechanism is similar. The surrounding information is obtained through the sensing layer, the information is processed by the decision-making link, and finally the calculation result is transmitted to the executing device to complete the driving operation.