Chinese PCB Products Are Moving From Middle And Low End To High End

            Chinese PCB products are moving from middle and low end to high end

    PCB (printed circuit board) is a supporting body and electrically connected to the carrier of electronic components, the global PCB industry output value accounted for more than the total output value of the electronic components industry 1/4 industry amounted to $60 billion. Chinese due to huge domestic market, and relatively low labor costs and improve the supporting industries and other advantages, global PCB production capacity continued to China transfer from 2000, since the beginning of 2006, China China overtook Japan as the world's largest PCB producer.

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Now, China's PCB industry has entered a stable period of development, the products are mainly concentrated in the low end of the PCB with cost advantage. According to the market data compiled by China Commercial Industry Research Institute, 2016. The market share of domestic hard board and composite board is 13.0 / 3.7, while that of four layers / six layers and eight to sixteen layers are 19.1b / 13.5% and 10.4% respectively. The sales volume of 18 layers and above of IC board is relatively small, only 2.7% and 1.2% HDI board and flexible board account for 16.5% respectively. With the continuous improvement of Chinese PCB industry technology, the product structure is gradually optimized, the traditional product single / double panel and multilayer board sales ratio is gradually decreasing, high-tech content. High-value HDI board, packaging substrate, flexible board and other products sales proportion is increasing.