Circuit Board Maintenance

Circuit Board in use, regular maintenance, to ensure that the Board works in good condition and reduce the failure rate of circuit boards. Use-maintenance of circuit boards in the following situations:

1 and a half year maintenance:

(1) each quarter to clean up the dust on the circuit board, use special cleaning fluid to clean the circuit board, after cleaning the dust on the circuit board, circuit board blown dry with a hair dryer.

(2) electronic components in the circuit there are no traces of the high temperature, electrolytic capacitors have not summoned the electrolyte leakage phenomenon, if any should be replaced.

2, annual maintenance:

(1) clean the dust on the circuit board.

(2) to sampling the amount of electrolytic capacitor in circuit boards, such as electrolytic capacitors capacity is lower than the nominal capacity of 20% and should be replaced, usually ten years or so with the life of electrolytic capacitors should be replaced to ensure the performance of the circuit board.

(3) for high power devices attached with thermal grease, thermal grease should be checked there is no dry, dry dry thermal grease should be removed, apply new thermal grease to prevent high power devices in the circuit board burned out by bad cooling.