Classification Of Pcba Test Tools

Classification of pcba test tools

1, the ICT test mainly includes the circuit breaking, the voltage and current value and the wave curve, amplitude, noise and so on.

2,FCT test needs IC program burning, simulates the function of the whole PCBA board, finds the problems in hardware and software, and provides necessary production tools and test stand.

3,Fatigue test is mainly about sampling the PCBA board, performing high frequency and long time operation, observing whether there is failure, judging the probability of failure, so as to feedback the working performance of PCBA board in electronic products.

4. The test results of random samples are obtained by exposing the PCBA plate to the limit value of temperature, humidity, drop, splash and vibration under the bad environment, and the reliability of the whole batch of PCBA plate is inferred.

5. The aging test is mainly to keep the PCBA board and electronic products on power for a long time, to maintain their work and to observe whether there is any failure. After the aging test, the electronic products can be sold in batches.

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