Dima Visits Our Factory

Dima visit our factory

Dima's company is a large kitchen appliance company in Russia, at the end of November, their company through a friend and our company to get in touch, their company is very interested in our PCB / PCBA, their products need to use the PCB / PCBA, after months of contact, we decided to go directly to mass cooperation, and Dima came to our company for field trips, he is the assessment representative of their company in China.

Firstly, our manager took him to have a visit in our factory. After a brief introduction of each branch in our factory, he learned about more about our factory.

Secondly, we went to the workshop, and then showed them our SMT

Production lines, DIP room, AOI test process and so on. They asked us some questions of our production lines, quality controlling, function test and so on. We solved his every problem and told him all process of our production.

After visiting our workshop, we began to our business meeting. During of the meeting, we answered all his questions in the conference room and provided him with all the information he needed, so he is very satisfied with our service.


Finally, we tasted some famous tea. Besides, we also shared much tea culture with them.

In a word, this is an very unforgettable meeting and memory for both of us. Looking forward to the next meeting in near future.