Domestic IC And Software Stock Collective Pull Up

In order to support the development of integrated circuit design and software industry, the ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation have issued a notice clarifying preferential tax policies for integrated circuit (IC) design companies and software companies, labor daily reported. Although this is not a New Deal, but a continuation of the previous policy, however, the reporter consulted domestic well-known integrated circuit enterprises realize that the state adopts preferential tax policy and the ever duty-free policy is different, on the one hand, increasing the tax exemption policy coverage, design companies, in particular, on the other hand, the policy support key for IC area small and medium-sized enterprises.

Reduce the financial pressure of small and medium-sized design enterprises

According to the policies and regulations, enterprises of integrated circuit design and software that are established in accordance with the law and meet the requirements shall calculate the preferential period from the profit-making year before December 31, 2018. From the first year to the second year, the enterprise income tax shall be exempted. From the third year to the fifth year, the enterprise income tax shall be halved according to the statutory tax rate of 25%, and the enterprise income tax shall be collected until the expiration. Once the news was released, the domestic integrated circuit and software stocks pulled up collectively.

"The content of this policy is to encourage design enterprises to develop new products and technologies. There are certain requirements for r&d expenditure on enterprise qualification and certain restrictions on enterprise scale. IC design enterprises that have entered the growth stage and have product r&d strength have the opportunity to enjoy this preferential policy. For enterprises, in the growth stage when the company starts to make profits, they can get preferential support from government policies in the enterprise income tax, reduce the operating cost of enterprises by a certain amount, and hopefully reduce the pressure on enterprises. Shanghai well-known integrated circuit enterprises related to the person in charge bluntly.

The above person in charge told reporters that the ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation jointly clarify the preferential tax policies for integrated circuit design enterprises and software enterprises, which is very timely for domestic design enterprises and software enterprises. Especially for design enterprises, the return point given by the policy will reduce the financial pressure on domestic small and medium-sized design enterprises.

Enterprises need to solve the problem of talent shortage

Under the background of increasingly fierce competition in artificial intelligence, 5G and other fields, the development of IC industry becomes more and more important. The reporter understands, current country is integrated circuit design, software and manufacturing wait for whole industry chain to give policy support. However, the development of domestic IC industry is still facing pressure, especially the problem of talent shortage.

Talent shortage has always been a common difficulty faced by the whole integrated circuit industry. Wang weilin, chief engineer of Shanghai zhaoxin, would go to the university for recruitment every year. About two years ago, only a few students could be recruited each year, "wang said. He was puzzled and asked the students about this.

The biggest competition for chip talent is in the highly paid software industry. During the college entrance examination, many excellent students were not willing to apply for the computer hardware major. When obtain employment diverge again, a few computer hardware kind professional graduates entered software company directly; When job-hopping again diversion, mature talent job-hopping career. Wang also observed a phenomenon that some universities with traditional chip orientation advantages have stopped providing students.

Integrated circuit design industry is capital and technology intensive industry, zhaoxin r & d personnel are mostly master's degree, doctoral degree, research direction partial hardware, but the asymmetry of economic returns, let more and more outstanding talent outflow. "Employees also need to provide for their families," wang says, understanding the pressures of these realities.

Shanghai integrated circuit industry sales accounted for one-fifth of the country

At the end of last month, members of the central group of Shanghai municipal party committee for economic informatization made a special investigation on the development of Shanghai IC industry. Lu xiaochun, secretary of the municipal commission of economy and information technology, pointed out that we should firmly stick to the goal of making the integrated circuit industry bigger and stronger, make up our minds, maintain perseverance, find the center of gravity, and make Shanghai integrated circuit industry bigger and stronger with high station, big pattern and big vision. We need to make breakthroughs and improve our ability to make the IC industry bigger and stronger. We need to stay true to the international standard, continue to step up innovation and research and development, and continue to stimulate talent innovation and creativity. We need to make the IC an important representative of "made in Shanghai" and a core symbol of the Shanghai industry.

As the "big brother" of the IC industry, Shanghai has made great efforts in the past five years to create a highland of IC innovation. In the field of design, some enterprises have developed research and development capacity of 7 nanometers, and the market share of purple light display sharp mobile phone baseband chip ranks the third in the world. In the manufacturing field, smic and hua hong group rank top two in terms of annual sales in China. The advanced technology of 28 nanometers has been mass produced, and the research and development of 14 nanometer technology has been basically completed. In the field of equipment materials, China micro and Shanghai micro are at the leading level in China. Strategic products such as etching machines and photolithographs have reached or come close to the international advanced level. In 2018, the sales scale of Shanghai integrated circuit industry reached 145 billion yuan, accounting for 1/5 of the country.