Electromagnetic Shielding Film

The electromagnetic shielding film industry has several obvious characteristics: first, high technical barriers, and second, the global market is monopolized by a few manufacturers such as Fangbang Electronics. At present, among the domestic and foreign manufacturers of shielding films, there are only a few domestic manufacturers such as Fangbang Electronics, Japan's Tazda and Toyo Kemei, and only these manufacturers have mastered the core technology of electromagnetic shielding films.


Among them, after Japan's Tazda introduced the electromagnetic shielding film developed to the market around 2000, it became a dominant company and monopolized the global market for nearly 12 years. It can be seen that the core technology threshold of the electromagnetic shielding film industry is high. After the domestic company Fangbang Electronics Co., Ltd. developed the electromagnetic shielding film in 2012, it applied the coating head uninterrupted instant drying technology to solve the technical difficulties of coating and flowering of low surface energy thin film materials.


Solve the technical difficulties of coating and flowering of low surface energy thin film materials, which can greatly improve the product coating yield, make the product quality yield as high as 99% or more, and ensure the competitiveness of the product. Then broke the monopoly position of Japanese companies in the electromagnetic shielding film industry.


Driven by the development trend of thinning, miniaturizing, lightweighting, and high-frequency high-speed electronic products, suppressing electromagnetic interference and reducing signal transmission losses have become important issues for the development of FPC. In 2014, Fangbang Electronics also innovated and developed an electromagnetic shielding film with a unique micro-needle structure in the metal shielding layer, which has high shielding effectiveness and low insertion loss, which can meet high-frequency and high-speed transmission applications, and its market share has grown rapidly, occupying domestic electromagnetic The main market share of shielding films.


FPC products are suitable for a wide range of electronic fields, which has increased the demand for electromagnetic shielding films. As FPC products are more widely used in major electronic fields, and the overall electronics market is becoming larger, it will directly drive electromagnetic shielding. Membrane demand has grown.


With the continuous innovation of smart phones and the advent of 5G replacement, it is expected that the shipment of smart phones will maintain a steady growth trend in the future. Smartphone have been continuously improved in fingerprint recognition, dual cameras, full screen, wireless charging, face recognition, double-sided screen / folding screen, 5G chips and other technologies. Flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) are required behind the application of these technologies. Based on the electromagnetic shielding film technology, flexible printed circuit boards are one of the most important materials to ensure the normal operation of high-end smartphone. The amount of flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) and high-performance electromagnetic shielding films will increase with the function of smartphone. The more it grows.


The development of the mobile Internet has made wearable devices more closely related to smart phones, and wearable devices have increasingly higher technical requirements for chips. The electromagnetic shielding film on flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) has become indispensable. One of the core materials also promotes the continuous improvement of electromagnetic shielding film technology to adapt to increasingly innovative electronic products. As the growth of the wearable device market benefits from the huge market size of the smart phone market, shipments of wearable devices are expected to continue to grow.


In addition to the imagination brought by market supply and demand, electromagnetic shielding films also enjoy policy dividends. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology have issued a number of industrial policies related to the FPC and new electronic materials industries. High-density multi-layer printed circuit boards and flexible circuit boards are listed as one of the current high-tech industrialization areas of priority development.


Fangbang Electronics 'industry is a strategic emerging industry. According to the "National Strategic Emerging Industry Classification (2018)" released by the National Bureau of Statistics on November 7, 2018, Fangbang Electronics' electromagnetic shielding film, conductive adhesive film, and extremely thin flexibility. Copper-clad laminates and ultra-thin copper foils are key products of strategic emerging industries.


Electromagnetic shielding material is a new type of functional material that can effectively suppress electromagnetic wave interference. As national policy continues to deepen the field of information high-tech industrialization, the business development of "electromagnetic shielding film +" is applicable to any electronic information high-tech industry. In one area, the future of electromagnetic shielding films has great potential for development.