Five Reasons For Affecting Board Prices

Some friends asked why the price of the 1PCS board and the 5PCS board are the same. These small series analyze several reasons that affect board prices.

Five reasons that affect the price factor:

In today's technological innovations, the service life of products is continuously shortened. It is very important to understand the price of the product. Since the board production process is complex and difficult to understand, this will affect the price of the board, and we will now analyze the price that affects the board price. the reason:

1. There are a lot of business requirements that are very high now. If it is an export, the acceptance criteria of Japanese-funded enterprises are more demanding on IPC2, IPC3 and military standards. There are many standards, and the standards of the EU and the standards of the United States are different. Of course, the higher the standard, the higher the price of the board.

2. the less the number of PCBs, the more expensive the board, because even if you do 1PCS, the board factory has to do engineering materials, film, any process is indispensable.

3. delivery, double-sided board delivery is 7-9 days, single-sided board delivery is generally 5-6 days, under normal circumstances, the delivery speed will also affect the price of the board, like to do high - Products, if it is the peak period, the price of the board is higher, the other side is acceptable.

4. raw materials are the main cost of circuit board prices, of course, there is another difficulty in the circuit diagram is also a big factor. For example, there are 2,300 holes on both boards. The aperture of the veneer is greater than 0.8 mm and the aperture of the other plate is 0.5 mm. This will result in different drilling costs; if the two boards are the same, but the line widths are different, one is greater than 0.5mm and one is substantially 0.1mm, the production costs are also very different, and the scrap rate is also very different. Due to the high discard rate of the high density board, the cost increases, and the price of the board is different.

5. mold and test If you use the mold to make the board, there will be no additional milling costs, when you need to open the mold punching board, so there is a set of even more mold costs, the circuit board factory is generally quoted at 2,000 yuan, This is just the general price. If the material is better, the board size is larger, and the board price will be higher.