Flexible Screen App May Usher In An Outbreak

In recent years, a comprehensive screen positive, in this "face-looking" era, for the "petty" appearance of the change of the comprehensive screen, consumers will not easily pay, Stretch's "flexible screen" may trigger a new wave of mobile phone revolution. In the future, flexible screens may penetrate into all aspects of the electronics market and be widely used, allowing us to hold our breath. Next, let's start by saying that the flexible screen is a black technology.

Flexible screen app

What is a flexible screen phone?

Easy to understand point, flexible screen is like paper can be folded, bent, even curly, very light, easy to carry. Imagine that one day your phone can be folded into memories of the size of the mp3, but also like a pat lap wearing on the wrist, this charming black technology Ah!


What are the advantages of a flexible screen?

Flexible screen advantage is not only more lightweight in volume, power consumption is also lower than the original device, helping to improve the life of the device. The contrast of the mobile phone screen will also be higher, the display color is more rich! At the same time, based on its bending, flexible characteristics, the degree of durability will be greatly improved, and the probability of broken screen will be reduced a lot, can you give the film brother a way out?