Foxconn Has Warned That Parts Shortages Will Continue Until 2022


Liu Yangwei, Foxconn's chairman, said the company would not be able to fulfill some orders because of parts shortages.And he expects that to continue at least until the second quarter of next year.

Mr Liu also said Foxconn was closely watching "material shortages" in the consumer electronics supply chain, which could affect less than 10 per cent of customer orders, but he said the impact would be limited.

Founded in 1974, Foxconn is a high-tech group specializing in the production of 3C products and semiconductor equipment (the world's largest OEM), as well as a professional manufacturer of electronics.In recent months, the company has been investing and partnering in the automotive sector.

Foxconn's warning follows similar comments from Samsung.Earlier, the company said there was a "significant imbalance" in global chip demand.

In mid-March, Koh Dong-jin, Samsung's co-chief executive and president of its mobile communications business, said the current imbalance between supply and demand for chips and related components in its IT division was "very serious" and could "cause a small problem" in the second quarter, but that the company was continuing to work on the supply issue.