The Global FPC Industry Is Further Concentrated In Asia, And China's Output Value Is The Largest In The World.

The global FPC industry is further concentrated in Asia, and China's output value is the largest in the world.

      The FPC manufacturing industry emerged in the 1960s , and the developed countries such as the United States first applied the FPC to the fields of high precision electronic products such as space and military . After the end of the cold war , the FPC began to be used for civil products . At the beginning of the 21st century , the consumer electronics industry vigorously promoted the FPC industry to enter the high - speed development period . However , because of the increasing production cost of the European countries , the FPC production center of gravity gradually shifted to Asia , forming the first round of FPC industry transfer wave , and promoting the rapid growth of the FPC industry in countries and regions such as Japan , Korea , Taiwan and the like with good manufacturing basis and production experience .

     In recent years, the cost of production in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan has continued to rise. FPC manufacturers in developed countries have invested in China to set up factories. China, as the main host country of FPC industry, has benefited from a new wave of industrial transfer. At present, China's regional FPC output value is in the leading position in the world.

      According to printed circuit information data, FPC output in China has continued to grow in recent years, from three billion eight hundred and twenty-six million in 2013 to four billion one hundred and eight million in 2014. Year-on-year increase of 7.4%; The share of global output rose further, from 33.90% in 2013 to 35.80% in 2014. In 2017, the FPC industry is expected to reach $five billion six hundred and seventy-one million, a further boost to around 36.21%.