Fpc Soft Board Application Classification

The maturity of polymer materials can change the bending of the board. It can be roughly divided into three application areas:

1.fpc soft board, soft board, single board and double board, of course, according to the special technology, the amount of structure produced. Different product names.

2. Membrane switches are also divided into single-layer circuits, but most of the lines are printed on polyester film, combined with carbon ink printing, jumpers and various key combinations to form a complete film button. Used in a variety of devices. Currently, some blood glucose test strips are made using this technique.

3. Plastic three-dimensional circuit boards, as well as product patents invented by US companies, but the scope of application is not wide.

The extinction interconnect component is also a three-dimensional circuit technology that is a three-dimensional circuit structure product fabricated on a moldable plastic substrate. This technology is currently used in stereo antennas and automotive panel products, but is not common in other applications.