Fr4 Electronic Mainboard Mother Board PCB Board

PCB assemblies


1)Our business mode

Xingda is not a trader, we have our own factory, manufacture is our main content of business. More than ten years of experience on OEM & ODM supplier PCB assembly make us accomplish our orders perfectly. You have no need to worry about the quality because our core work is controlling the manufacturing process and the raw material supplying.

2) Our experience

Xingda's team members have different working backgrounds such as the production technology of PCB assembly, the technology of LED light assembly, the metal and injection technology and the technology of silicon cutting packaging. Our PCB assembly for electronic production is related to various of field such as: medical treatment, aviation field, industries, consume electronics, etc. ROHS requirements and Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) are totally controlled on our hands as customers' requirements when you need this.

3) feedback and tracking

We will pay more attention and importance to your reasonable proposals and views and we will implemented in the entire manufacturing chain by the responsible person; If you need to know the manufacturing process, our salesmans are 7days 24hours stand by for you, you can contact us anytime, we will feedback to you in time.

4) Our cost advantage of  PCB assembly


First: Xingda provide the factory's quotation, choose us could help you cross the intermediate traders so that you can save the procurement costs.


Second: Xingda have more than ten years experiences on PCB assembly field and it makes us find many high-quality raw material suppliers and they always provide the low material prices for us.


Last: Study the production technology is essential, for any product we will formulate optimized production technology, it will help to reduce the labor costs and improve productivity.

5) Our technical advantage


Xingda are not creating a unique technology, this will exceed our ability. We are only combine and application many areas of technology reasonable. About the design of product, obviously we can provide the design services such as the appearance of product, the structure and the circuit. The experience of designers and purchasing managers is our prime concern.