Global PCB Design Industry Market Forecast

As one of the foundations and core industries of the modern information industry, the PCB industry is a basic, leading and strategic industry that is related to the overall development of the national economy and society. It promotes national economic development, social progress, improves people's living standards and safeguards national security. It has played a broad and important role and has become the focus of current international competition and an important indicator for measuring the degree of modernization of a country or region and its overall national strength.

With the rapid development of the global electronic information industry, the global PCB design industry has been showing a sustained growth momentum. However, as terminal products such as smart phone and notebook computers enter maturity, the growth slows down, while emerging fields such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are still in the stage of technology accumulation, contributing less to the semiconductor industry, and the global PCB design industry in 2015. The market size has shrunk slightly. In 2016, the global PCB design industry market scale once again achieved growth. In 2018, the global PCB design industry sales were 113.9 billion US dollars. The data shows that the PCB industry market grew rapidly in 2010-2018, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.58%. According to the current growth rate, the global PCB industry market is expected to exceed 120 billion US dollars in 2019.