Green Environmental Protection Brings Opportunities To The PCB Industry

Environmental penalties in the PCB industry are getting tougher

With the implementation of "the strictest environmental protection law in history," a series of supporting laws and regulations have also been introduced, with more targeted rewards and more severe penalties. Local governments have also issued military decrees, promising environmental protection targets within a certain period of time, which also means that local governments will take a series of measures and measures to achieve, so PCB companies are responsible in terms of regulations, reality and moral Corporate citizenship is incumbent on them.

The government proposes to transform and upgrade traditional production capacity, improve environmental protection, quality and safety standards and process levels, and not grant new land to enterprises that are still using backward equipment and processes, and do not apply for production or sewage permits. In addition, the government also proposes to seize typical strict accountability, impose penalties on enterprises for improper discharge, excessive emissions, daily penalties according to law, limit production and stop production, and seize and seize, and disclose to the society those enterprises that do not meet the standards, implement credit constraints and discipline. There are already companies in Henan who have tried their own ways. An aluminum company has not made corrections within a year and a half. The daily penalty is not capped. It has received a ticket of nearly 100 million yuan, which is equivalent to three times the annual profit of the company. It really tasted the pain. . In the past, after many enterprises discharged pollutants illegally, the amount of punishment was as low as 10,000 to 200,000, and as many as 100,000 to 200,000. Many enterprises had the idea of "spending on pollution". Now, the cost of violating laws by enterprises has greatly increased. In addition, a number of departments have been linked to directly seal and seize production equipment of enterprises, take administrative enforcement actions against polluting enterprises, and directly transfer relevant persons responsible for polluting enterprises to public security, and hold those responsible for major environmental pollution acts criminally responsible. As a result, companies have to think twice about illegally exceeding the standard.

Environmental protection brings PCB industry not burden but opportunity

PCB industry spared no effort in environmental protection has brought gratifying progress. In electroplating, electroplated pure tin has replaced electroplated lead-tin; in surface treatment, lead-free hot air leveling has replaced leaded hot air leveling; lead-free OSP, electroless tin plating, and electroless silver plating have been developed; traditional In terms of PTH, potassium tartrate and low-concentration formaldehyde are used in the electroless copper plating solution, without EDTA, the wastewater treatment is relatively easy, and the working environment is relatively friendly. The industry is also discussing and developing formaldehyde-free and EDTA-free chemical copper plating. In addition, in recent years, the direct electroplating process, which has developed rapidly, mainly includes conductive carbon black, conductive palladium, conductive polymers, etc., and does not use toxic and harmful formaldehyde and EDTA. Wastewater emissions are reduced, treatment is simple, the working environment is good, and it is more environmentally friendly.

In fact, environmental protection is not just an input, it can also be an output: a circuit board factory can recover hundreds of thousands of yuan worth of copper a month. Can be described as "good and good". Environmental protection is an eternal theme and the focus of the industry for a long time to come.