How To Deal With Soldermask Discoloration?

In the circuit board industry, the most common solder mask colors are green, black, red, white, blue, yellow, and so on. The price of different colors is definitely different. The cheaper price is green oil, so many circuit board manufacturers will choose green oil. Generally, the white solder mask ink is matched with black characters, and other solder resist inks are generally matched with white characters.


There is no color fee for pcb proofing, especially matte black pcb proofing and matte green pcb proofing. Due to the special nature of these inks, additional oil costs are required.

When printing characters, sometimes you will encounter soldermask discoloration. What should you do if you encounter this situation?

The inks required to print characters in the board and the solder resist inks are collectively referred to as inks, and the two inks are treated differently after discoloration.

Character soldermask discoloration: The cause of discoloration is mainly caused by printing characters and then sinking gold during the production process of the circuit board. There is a large amount of metal impurities in the character ink. When it is immersed in gold, it chemically reacts with metal impurities and immersion gold to cause discoloration.

Solution: You can first sink the gold and then print the characters to the circuit board. Of course, you can also use high-quality ink, which can also achieve better results.

Discoloration of solder mask ink: If the solder resist ink is discolored, it can only be replaced with a better solder resist oil, so that a better product can be soldered.