Huawei Hais From Spare Tire To Positive, Communication Type PCB Market Status

May 17 is the world telecommunication and information society day. On Friday, huawei was added to the us department of commerce's (BIS) entity list. To this, President of huawei Hays wrote a letter to the staff in the early morning of 17th, saying: "the spare child of many years will become" positive "overnight, and the company will be independent in science and technology in the future!

As we all know, huawei is the world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, and communication is the largest downstream application market of PCB industry. On this "special" day, we might as well learn about the development status of communication PCB market.

World telecommunication day

World Telecommunications Day (May 17, 1969), the twenty-fourth executive council of the international telecommunication union formally adopted a resolution, decided to establish the international telecommunication union - May 17 as "World Telecommunications Day", and asked member states from 1969, every year on May 17 to carry out commemorative activities. In November 2006, the international telecommunication union (itu) merged world telecommunication day and world information society day into world telecommunication and information society day.

During the world telecommunication day every year, various theme activities are held in each member country of the international telecommunication union (ITU), including China, to promote the healthy development and popularization of the national network communication industry. This year's theme is "closing the standardization gap."

Communication type PCB market development status

PCB is referred to as the "mother of the electronic system products, as the basis of electronic products, materials, has a broad market demand, the downstream application field covers communications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical, automotive electronics, aerospace and so on, the communication and the application of computers is currently the largest PCB plate, accounted for over 25%.

In the field of communication, PCB is widely used in wireless network, transmission network, data communication, fixed network broadband, related PCB products involve backboard, high-speed multilayer board, high-frequency microwave board, multifunctional metal substrate, etc..

Application and characteristics of communication PCB

Single - double - panel, multi - layer board is still the main demand of communication equipment

It is known that in 2016, the global PCB communication market reached 14.799 billion usd, accounting for 27.3% of the total PCB output value. Among them, the proportion of single and double panel, 4 layer board, 6 layer board, 8 to 16 layer board and above 18 layer board is 11.98%, 17.62%, 12.49%, 35.18% and 7.26% respectively, and the total proportion is 84.5%. In 2014, thanks to the construction of 4G base stations, the global PCB production value of communication increased by 5.18% year on year, reaching a nearly four-year high. In 2019, 5G will officially enter the commercialization stage. Benefiting from 5G, the future PCB of communication is expected to usher in a new round of high growth.


According to the industry introduction, in 5G wireless base station, carrier network, transmission network, core network hardware facilities, PCB hardware applications will increase significantly. At the same time, 5G terminal devices, such as mobile phones and smart watches, also need to be updated in step with communication technology, which requires much more PCB than infrastructure.