Infrared Forehead Temperature Gun Usage And 9 Precautions

How to use infrared forehead temperature gun:

The use method of the forehead temperature guns of different brands will be different. For example, some brands of forehead temperature guns have only one button. This button is not only the power button, but also the measurement key. Method, just press the button and aim at the forehead to measure.

There are also three buttons on some forehead guns, with letters written on them. For example, there are three buttons "SET", "MEMO" and "MODE" on the forehead guns of a certain brand, where the "SET" key can control the sound The icon of a small horn appears after pressing to indicate the regret of measuring the sound of the measurement, and “OFF” means to turn off the sound.

"MEMO" stands for the memory function. After pressing the button, it will display the memory + number, and the number represents the memory of several temperatures for viewing.

Pressing "MODE" will display "body temperature" and "object temperature". As the name implies, the former represents the measurement of human body temperature and the latter represents the measurement of body temperature. For different situations, the corresponding measurement mode should be selected accordingly.

When using the forehead gun to measure body temperature, just point the forehead gun to the forehead to measure.

Matters needing attention of infrared forehead temperature gun:

1. The distance between the forehead gun and the forehead is generally 5-10cm;

2. Before measuring body temperature, if charging or installing batteries, it should be placed for 5-10 minutes before use;

3. If it is necessary to change the environment to measure, it should be placed for 5-10 minutes and continue to measure;

4. Do not measure at places with large wind speeds such as tuyere or doorway;

5. Avoid measurement under radiated interference;

6. Cosmetics and skin color may be affected by the accuracy of frontal temperature gun measurement;

7. Pay attention to the protective lens of the probe to protect the infrared front temperature gun;

8. Be careful not to immerse in water or direct sunlight;

9. Collision or heavy fall may cause damage to the forehead gun, please handle with care.