Inspection Work Before FPC Manual Welding Operation

flex boards soldering by hand

1) Insert the soldering iron plug into the specified socket 3-5 minutes before going to work every day to check if the soldering iron is hot. If it is not hot, check if the socket is plugged in. If it is plugged in, if it is not hot, you should immediately contact the administrator. Reporting, you can't open the soldering iron from your own, and you can't directly touch the tip with your hand.

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(2) The soldering iron tip that has been oxidized and rugged or hooked should be updated: 1. It can ensure good heat conduction effect; 2. Guarantee the quality of the soldered object. If you replace it with a new soldering iron tip, wipe the maintenance paint off after heating and immediately add tin care. The soldering iron should be cleaned before soldering. If the soldering iron is not used for more than 5 minutes, turn off the power. Sponges should be cleaned. Unclean sponges containing metal particles or sulfur-containing sponges can damage the tip.

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(3) Check if the suction sponge has water and clean. If there is no water, please add proper amount of water. (Appropriate amount refers to the water seeping when the sponge is pressed to the normal half thickness. The specific operation is: humidity requires the sponge to be completely wetted Hold in the palm of your hand, the five fingers can be closed naturally. The sponge should be cleaned. The dirty sponge contains metal particles, or the sulfur-containing sponge will damage the tip.

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(4) Whether the human body and the soldering iron are reliably grounded, and whether the human body wears an electrostatic ring.