Intelligent Lighting Communication Technology

LPWAN technology has a promising future for intelligent lighting

As the LED industry chain mature, intelligent lighting applications gradually popular, in addition to lamps and lanterns lighting companies, combined with various sensors and the cloud management platform, the formation of lighting equipment, communication technology and control platform for multifunctional integration solutions, from the simple manufacture lamps transformation for soft and hard system integration service providers, provide higher efficiency and multiple application innovation service mode.

At present, the lighting wireless technology is mainly based on ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), etc., but due to its short transmission distance, in the use of outdoor lighting, but the Low power consumption wide area network (LPWAN) technology nb-iot has more advantages.

Smart street lamps build the foundation for smart cities

Due to the street lamp can be used as a combination of the Internet of things application and data gathering, even traffic data to improve the integrity of the road traffic planning, the governments to vigorously promote intelligent street lamp, as wisdom city, by combining multiple sensors and back-end management platform, become the carrier of connecting various intelligence applications.

Smart lighting system grows with the boom of smart home

With the development of smart home, smart lighting has become an important field of LED lighting layout. Smart lighting system collects users, environment and other information through a variety of sensors for data analysis, which is used for equipment adjustment to provide personalized and people-oriented applications.

In addition, the increasing maturity of wireless technology has pushed traditional lighting towards smart lighting, providing smart perception and detection capabilities, thus improving the quality of people's communication and life.



Smart lighting is booming in commercial and industrial buildings

LED accelerates the development of smart green building. In recent years, the development of commercial Lighting has gone beyond the function of providing a single light source and pushed towards the intelligent interconnection. The concept of "Semantic Lighting" enables the lamps to be equipped with high-level intelligent applications and flexibly adapt to the needs of different scenes.


In the development of Building Energy Management System (BEMS), in addition to emphasizing the Energy control effect achieved by intelligent lighting control, it is more important to understand the change data of each Energy consumption process, so as to give full play to the maximum benefit in equipment operation.