Introduction To FPC Sub-board

The FPC of the panel needs to be divided into boards. Depending on how the FPC board is connected, you need to select a different daughter board. The micro-connected FPC has a slight connection between the joint and the FPC panel, and the FPC is separated by a slight tear. However, the connection strength of the micro-joins is too weak, and the FPC will fall off the jigsaw and cause print misalignment. Therefore, for an FPC having a high component density and a small pad pitch, it is not suitable for a micro-connected panel and should be connected by a connecting rib. Three types of FPC daughter boards are connected by connecting ribs:

1 Manually divided by knife or blade, low precision, low efficiency and low cost.

2 knife template. Low precision and short life, but low cost and high efficiency.

3 steel formwork. High precision, long life and high efficiency, but the cost is very high.